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Category B+E - Car and Trailer

If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 January 1997, you may now need to pass a separate test (licence category B+E) to tow a trailer or caravan weighing over 750kg MAM, and where the MAM of the combination of towing vehicles in category B and trailer exceeds 3500kg.


MAM is the Maximum Authorised Mass (weight) also known as the gross vehicle weight. It is the weight of the trailer plus the weight of the maximum permitted payload.


Category C - Rigid Lorry (Class 2)

From the age 18 onwards you can now learn to drive a Category C rigid lorry. Category C entitlement allows you to drive any rigid lorry weighing over 3.5 tonnes and not exceeding 32 tonnes. Cat C, commonly known as Class 2, is best described as a rigid vehicle, i.e. the cab is integral with the body / load area and cannot be separated.


Category C+E - Articulated / Drawbar Lorry (Class 1)

If you want to drive Articulated or Drawbar type vehicles, then you must be over the age of 18 and already hold a full rigid Category C licence.


Category E represents trailer entitlement (i.e. up to and over 750kg). Once you acquire Category C+E (commonly known as Class 1), you will be able to drive any type of large or heavy goods vehicle.


Category D1 - Minibus

This is a small PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) with more than 8 but not more than 16 seats (in addition to the driver) with a trailer up to 750kg. People who passed their car test before January 1997 may already hold a D1 restricted licence for social and pleasure use. However, anyone driving a vehicle with more than 7 seats for hire or reward will need to pass their D1 driving test to gain the full D1 PCV entitlement.


Category D - PCV Bus / Coach

This is a large Bus/Coach with more than 8 passenger seats with a trailer up to 750 kg. PCV vehicles have either manual or automatic gearboxes (automatic being the most common). Passing your test on a manual Category D Bus or Coach will enable you to drive both manual and automatic type vehicles. Passing on an automatic will restrict you to automatic vehicles only. However, if you already hold a full manual Category C lorry licence and pass your test on an automatic PCV vehicle you will receive a full manual upgrade.


CPC Initial (Module 2 & 4) (Certificate of Professional Competence)

On the 10th September 2008 (PCV) and 2009 (LGV) a new legislative directive came into force with the aim to improve the skills and knowledge of all PCV/LGV drivers throughout their working lives.

The Initial CPC qualification is now required by law for:

  • All new Bus / Coach (PCV) drivers, Categories D1 or D
  • All new Lorry (LGV) drivers, Categories C1 or C (Unless car licence was obtained prior to 1997)

There are two parts to this qualification, a CPC theory test (module 2) and a CPC practical demonstration test (module 4).


ADR Hazardous Training (Accord Dangereux Routier)

An ADR licence is required by professional drivers who transport dangerous goods by road.

The type of ADR licence you require will depend on what classes of dangerous substances you are moving and in what type of vehicle.

For a full explanation please call us on 0845 459 1400. 


Pass Protection Insurance Scheme

(Priority Discounted Retest fee with part cash back if you pass first time)

This optional insurance is only available on LGV and PCV full training courses, and must be purchased prior to commencement of the training course.


This scheme allows the pupil one more driving test to include on test day, 2 hours warm up training, use of the vehicle before and whilst on test, fuel, insurance, instructor / examiner and priority DSA driving test booking fee.


LGV / PCV Theory Test Booking

Let us take away the hassle by supplying you with relevant theory test study material and arranging your theory test.


Driver Medicals

We can arrange Vocational Driver Medicals at discounted prices.


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